¡Otro Juego jueves!

Today’s Juego jueves group to play “Cognate Frenzy en español” was smaller than normal.  I had to limit the size of the group because I only have one set of the game.  There was a lot of laughter as players chose people and things that they thought were ordinario, interesante, or repulsivo.  The juez (judge) picked Justin Bieber from the repulsivo choices, in case you were wondering!!  ¡Ja ja!

There’s an App for that!

Try these Apps for practicing Spanish and for learning some new vocabulary wherever you are:


duolingoDuolingo – Fun mini lessons. Free on iTunes – check out the Duolingo website here


que onda spanish   Qué Onda Spanish – Topical vocabulary, grammar lessons, games.  Free on iTunes – here is the Qué Onda Spanish website.


spanish dict     Spanish Dict – This App has a dictionary, translator, word of the day, plus interesting articles to read.  Here is the website




¡Leer es divertido!

Reading is a great way to build your vocabulary in Spanish!  Reading regularly increases your reading fluency and improves your writing skills as well!

Club Leo

Club Leo is a Spanish/Bilingual Book Club from Scholastic.  Club Leo offers books in Spanish, bilingual (Spanish-English) books, and books that tell stories from the rich Hispanic cultures – all at very reasonable prices.

If you are interested in ordering, please complete an order form (available in class) and turn it in to me by Friday, October 19.

You may also use this link and our class code KG9LQ to order online at any time.

Quizlet on the go!

Take Quizlet with you wherever you go!  Use your iPhone, iPad, or Android device to review and practice Spanish vocabulary.


Download it for your iPhone or iPad from the App Store by clicking here.

Or click here to get it from Google Play.

Find activities custom made for YOU by searching “Classes” for “Spanish 7 Campbell”

¡Bienvenidos a mi clase de español 7!  This year I’ve gone “deskless” in Room 109.  Why?  In Spanish 7 my focus is on providing my students with as much INPUT as I can through LISTENING and READING activities.  The desks just got in the way!  Now there is no barrier between me and my students.  It’s easy to rearrange the classroom for different activities.  We can really COMMUNICATE!  And now I also have room for a very cozy reading corner.  I hope my students are enjoying our class as much as I am!!!